My inspiration

Hello lovely people, I will like to seek for your support in my upcoming write up. My name is Saaka Anita Latifa. I am a young Ghanaian lady and a university graduate.

My interest in writing started when I was in senior high school, I actually wrote every advice a teacher says in class unless I forget what he says. I love to read books especially inspirational books and romantic books. I recently got motivated by a friend who out of no where asked me if I like writing and that was when I remembered I used to love writing, and I asked myself why did I stop then, so I decided to read my write up and guess what, my interest in writing came right up and I want to continue to write whatever I feel like writing and I will like your support as I mentioned earlier. I promise to bring my best on board . Thank you.

Author: latifasaaka

Am a hardworking young lady who loves to write anything that comes to mind because we may tend to forget them when we do not write them down.

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