There are two things practiced in the world concerning leadership > is either you serve or lead the people. Determination they say is the key to success but remember what you want to succeed in. Leadership is about what you are inspired to do and what is the outcome of your inspiration

You may think you can not succeed in a way or the other due to circumstances. Being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you can succeed. Most at times is only your success story that make you famous.

My dear friends, do not look down on yourselves because you don’t know where what you stand up for can take you to, you don’t know where your humbleness can take you to and you don’t know where your hidden bravery can take you to. I quite remember a story about hidden bravery. “Once a rich business tycoon announced that he promised to give the daughter to any young man who would be able to cross a pool full of crocodiles 🐊 and within the shortest time they all heard the splash of water and they all started clapping, the young man came out of the water n everyone was proud of him and congratulated him, and the girl’s father said to him, “this is the bravest thing I have ever seen” and guess what the young man said “forget about the bravery and tell me who pushed me?”, It’s funny in a way but this is a story to point at certain opportunity which seem dangerous but once we set our mind to them then we can achieve them. Something is pursuing you to achieve your goal just like the rich man giving his daughter but your fear of crocodiles is not allowing you. Let the fear go and live your goal.

To be cont

Author: latifasaaka

Am a hardworking young lady who loves to write anything that comes to mind because we may tend to forget them when we do not write them down.

9 thoughts on “Determination”

  1. Ooops! EDUCATION they say, is the key to success. But I do believe that DETERMINATION should rather be considered as the key to success……cos EDUCATION without DETERMINATION is nothing….
    Nice piece though!

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