Remember My Love

It was a special day as if the sun was smiling with me and at that moment, I felt embarrassed. Ray did give me a glance, yes and that was when I realized I had left my diary at Clifford’s place.

We moved back to the East village of Manhattan a week after we moved to the Upper East side of Manhattan because my father, Mr. Luke and mother, Mrs. Catherine could only afford East village.

East village of Manhattan

New neighbors just moved in, Laura come and see, my mom yelled. “I sighed and muted in a low tone” rich people I guessed. As I was going towards the window to have a look, my phone rang; “gosh” it was Ray my best friend. Ray and I have been friends since we were kids because we grew up together and my parents liked her a lot. She lost her mother when she was in elementary school and now we are in 12th Grade at Hill Top Academy.

Me: mom it’s been two days since we got new neighbors but we haven’t heard from them, should we visit them?
Mom: that is thoughtful of you Laura but let them settle down.
Me: but what if…………..
Doorbell rings……
I asked my brother, Jerald to check who might be there but as we all know the silly fights between a sister and a brother and at the end I had to check it myself.
I opened the door……….(eyes wide opened), was I dreaming, no I wasn’t, I could hear ‘ Hello’. OMG, I was drooling; Please come in, I requested.

Neighbor: my name is Samantha, this is my husband Clinton and our son Clifford.
Mom introduced us to them.
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton seems nice but Clifford……………….
I could see he wanted to get out quickly but there was no chance for him, all I did was watch my annoying brother who was chatting with Clifford.
We all had a nice time.
The next day we had school and it was another day to avoid people.
……………………………… NEXT DAY

As usual my brother drove Ray and I to school and guess who the new student in my class was, yes he was the one and all eyes were on him.
Clifford had a different looks from yesterday; he looks calm and minds his business, it was only Ray who knew he was my neighbor. As the class was going on, I could see Mandy actually looking at him while he remained calm, I was so furious inside that I wanted to tell her to back off but to someone like me, Clifford will never look my way.
Mandy was the most famous and named the school’s beauty queen. Yes I could never compete with her so I had to take my mind off. I endured the day and as at the closing time, my neighbor hasn’t even said “hi” to me. Ray saw my emotions and advised me to keep it to myself and that a handsome boy like him will only fall for Mandy. I got home and forgot about the star crush; I concentrated on my school activities, did my assignments and for the rest of the week I never crossed Clifford’s path but I could see Mandy always throwing herself on him; what a pity.

It was a dark cold night and one could hear the clocks ticking; I slept quietly knowing that my parents were not home, I was scared and couldn’t sleep, I could hear the door shaking and thinking it was the wind, I ignored the sound;

Voice: Laura open the door
I could hear that same voice several times which got me scared so I refused to open it; the next thing I could hear was the sound of the door opening and behold it was my best friend Ray. She was so scared that she had to run over to my place; we sat by the fire for some time and decided to get some sleep for the next day’s school activities.

Magical Moments
The next day in school I once again decided to avoid people but it seems I was wrong this time, a moment I never expected; Mandy approached me and started bullying me, I actually didn’t know what I did she was about to hit me when I realized someone had held her hand and standing in front of me, I knew my best friend will never allow me get hurt but it didn’t look like Ray but it was actually Clifford, the magical moment was knowing he cared and saved me from Mandy; Mr. I don’t cared wasn’t as bad as he seems to be. He held me hand soo gently that I almost lost balance in my knee just thinking about it . I knew I was in deep trouble with Mandy and Clifford knew it to.

He held my hand and walked down the hallway

Clifford: Laura am sorry for what you went through this morning, it was my fault; I told Mandy you we my girlfriend because………….
Clifford: please let me finish; I did that because I wanted to avoid her and I didn’t know she will put you in that spot besides you are the only girl I really know because we are neighbors.
Me: so what do we do now because Mandy will kill me the next time she sees me
Clifford: don’t worry I will protect you but you have to be my girlfriend
Guess my decision; I think you all got it wrong this time because I did not accept to be his girlfriend, yes I liked him before but it was just a mare crush which has vanished;
I came home from school to meet my mother and brother chatting with Clifford and I wondered what they were talking and laughing about.
Mom: Laura your friend came to visit you why not take him to your room and have a chat, he says you have group assignment together. I was afraid he will make my mom worried if he told her what happened in school so I agreed to let him inside my room.
I sat on the bed and offered him a chair to sit, yes he never sad on the chair but came to sit closer to me on the bed which made me uncomfortable so I decided to get up;
Hello guys!!!! With the kind of atmosphere I experienced, who would want to stand up, of course I didn’t stand up from the bed because he looked straight into my eyes and told me he liked me and that he could wait as long as I wanted to be with him; he leaned in to kiss me and that was when my brother knocked on my door and spoilt the moment as he always does to my life.

The End of My Love
It was almost getting to the end of our school year and I couldn’t wait to spend the vacation with my parents and my best friend; I wrote everything I will be doing and all the secrete admiration I had on Clifford; I could tell you that if the diary could talk, it will narrate how complain about how I have used it to love Clifford; I wrote everything I wanted to do with him from day one till date.
At the end of every school term we do have projects ton complete and Clifford was my group member including my best friend Ray, so we decided to do the work at Clifford’s house because Ray’s house was far from the two of us and my brother wouldn’t let me rest if I decide to do it at home so the best place to do it was Clifford’s place since he was the only child, there would be some peace and concentration.
We rushed to his place immediately after school to complete the project; we discussed and organized our work with six hours and hard work, petty arguments, stares and scattering the house with our books. I decided to visit the washroom and Clifford decided to show me to his room’s, after coming out I saw him staring at me, I blushed but decided to ignored him and began to walk out but he pulled me closer to him and lean towards to kiss me, I could feel his breath and how passionate he wanted to do this and I couldn’t do anything but give in, he kissed me so passionately for almost how many minutes, I knew something was wrong but what could it be and after breaking from the kiss I felt his tears dropping and I couldn’t stop myself from hugging him so tight, the universe was playing a game with us but what was it.

I left the room and still in my thoughts, Ray couldn’t get through me, I came out of my thoughts and realized I wasn’t holding my diary and the only place it could me was Clifford’s place. I rushed to get it and saw him holding it, at first he refused to give to me and after some struggles, he gave it to me say “REMEMBER MY LOVE”. I got confused and left to my house.

The following day I never saw my neighbors and their place was locked up, I got worried thinking Clifford moved without telling me.
After a month, I saw Clifford’s parent moved in; I quickly rushed there to ask them about him but I couldn’t accept what I heard, Clifford was sick, he suffered from cancer and had just those months to live.
He passed away and left his love in my heart, if I could meet him again, I will say ‘yes’ to him and always be with him. Now all I had was his memories in my diary.
Weeks passed and I kept missing Him; I decided to read my diary to feel better, as I read, I felt as if he was with me; I got to the end of the diary and this was what I saw “ FROM CLIFFORD: REMEMBER MY LOVE”
So my Clifford is gone and never to return and the words he left me was to remember his love.

I know you want me to say everything will be fine.💙